Filip Hnízdo

Hullo and welcome.

Hullo and Welcome!

Hullo! I'm Filip Hnízdo (pronounced "Nest") a writer, musician, computer thing developer and trainer born in Prague, Czech Republic and living in London, United Kingdom.

I currently work as a web developer and spend my time away from work writing (short stories, songs and poems), composing and sometimes performing music, mentoring young people at wonderful places like Coder Dojo London and making things on the web for myself and others (perhaps you).

Have a look around and get in touch via email, Twitter or telephone (UK) 07973532956 about anything that isn't spam (things relating to spam, if interesting, are very welcome).

Current hometime projects

  • Finishing Coloured Squares - A social art project I started work on in 2010. Almost ready!
  • Building an audio-adventure game engine
  • Writing a concept EP about a planet with plans

Recent updates

Sexy but Ridiculous - Twelve short stories about love and lust. Written by Filip Hnízdo. Illustrated by Anna Šebestová.  Illustration of an anglerfish. Typewriter (Courier) font.
Twelve illustrated love (and lust) stories spanning sea monsters, sounds, stalking, sat navs, screens, saucepans, stages, software, sills, sickness, self and sex. Words and pictures brought together for e-book readers and their e-book readers. Available to buy here.

Synthy is an online synthesiser and sequencer with live world output and colours made by Filip Hnízdo using the Web Audio API, the live server is powered by and Node.js. The database of patterns pushed to synthy is powered by the wonderful NeDB.

An interactive donations map for The Zoological Society of London's (ZSL) Asiatic lions fundraising campaign using Drupal Commerce and Leaflet.js