You’re checking out boys by an Austrian lake,
Your friends are fast asleep sorting their memories they should savour some of you.
Mountains hide the Austrian lake,
From the outside world that may have brought you pain but it was safer than you knew.
The moon lights up the Austrian lake,
And the shimmering reflection causes you to grin and contemplate a swim.
You strip off by the Austrian lake,
You’re not alone, you should always look around before you’re getting in.


You hear a voice by the Austrian lake,
It’s sweet as pop and bounces off the water into your baited ear
You’re knee deep at the Austrian lake,
And spot the topless source, singing and dangling his bowed legs from the pier.
Here’s an idea.
You’re wading in the Austrian lake,
It’s deeper than you thought but you’ll surprise him and he’ll surely want to play.
Your feet lift in the Austrian lake,
You’re swimming and your wrists can feel the chill but your lust it wants to stay.
He turns round at the Austrian lake,
And you feel shadows all around you they aren’t mountains anymore but look like men
You panic at the Austrian lake,
See your clothes out by the waterside you don’t think you’ll be wearing them again.
They move beneath you at the Austrian lake,
You try to dodge their bodies but this isn’t your turn anymore it’s theirs.
You scream out at the Austrian lake,
And they just sing it back in perfect pitch there’s no one else awake who hears or cares.
Your senses give in by the Austrian lake,
The ripples pulsing round your neck are all your goose-bumped skin has left to feel.
Your future’s smiling at the Austrian lake,
They point to town and all its glowing lights and speak to make a deal.
If you want to escape, bring us someone new.
If you want to escape, bring us someone new.
Walking to the chalets by the Austrian lake,
Is a promised chance at freedom worth a century of pretty silent deaths.
By the bedside at the Austrian lake,
You’re dripping wet but drops aren’t all that loud compared to sleeping breaths.
If you want to escape, bring us someone new.
If you want to escape, bring us someone new.


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