No Bears

First day of steps into the forest
And you’re sprouting,
A new leaf with a million.
But you’re a different beast 
Than all the other leaves for sure.
There’s a tint of gold.
In your flowing hair.

And adventure lies under tree-bathed sky,
Oh look there’s a butterfly.
You love your life and everything around you 
Will you please make out with me?
We’ll take it slowly, as you’ve got three years.
You can leave your inhibitions with your parents by your faults and fears
The things you left behind.
Who knows what joys you’ll find?
You try to put it down in words,
But get distracted by the birds.
There’s so much going on you try to put it in a song,
Look there’s a cottage.
With gleaming marble floors,
Three widths of open doors.
You step inside.
And there’s so much treasure.
It’s like a home for pleasure.
The porridge keeps you fed,
You try the chairs and bed.
And the hope that you felt amplified by everything you found inside,
You’re tired there’s another day and it’s clearly safe in here because
There are no bears here.
You keep on telling yourself there are no bears here.
Look through the window.
Sort through the drawers.
Watch some videos and play some games,
Try to match the faces that you met with names.
Because there are no bears here,
You’re safe because there are no bears here.
Find a sheet that fits and have a rest,
This little one is clearly best.
You’re in heaven when you’re woken by a thud.
But it’s nothing as there are no bears here,
You keep telling yourself there are no bears here.
Look out look out look out now it’s in your face,

Heaven scratched to shreds,
It’s like you woke up dead.
And it’s snarling in your veins and you need escape.

And that’s the little one.
Not even dad or mum.

And you’re not dreaming,
Hold tight as pleasure turns to screaming. 

Run through the halls,
Hear their growls and calls.
And your blistered hands say give up you can’t do this,
But your brain pushes on and says you’ve got to get through this.
Until there are no bears here,
You’ll run your legs to dust til there are no bears here.
Make it to the door 
Back to the forest floor.
Running past the pleasures that you lived for 

But you dare not look behind,
For the danger that you’d surely find.
And it’s coming up to three years 
And you’re snuggled by the television set.
You’re still nervous though there are no bears here.
Close curtains though you’re safe inside and there are no bears here.
When your new excited lover doesn’t know the hell that’ll be uncovered,
When asking about the scratches on your arm.
The moment shatters and you change the subject,
You say it’s nothing though you’ve broken down it sweat,
And there is nothing wrong.
You try to think back to the birdsong.


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