We were dolls,
Awoken by a pin prick to our hearts,
Made for love but when love turns sour,
We’ve far more gruesome parts.

And I hear her say,
“Should I slice his throat?
“Should I dismember it gently so he feels every pull of the wool?”
What’s become of you?
You started off so pretty,
Beneath the stars you walked,
At the market where you found us.
We were so glad that you did.
Why did you keep your hatred hid?
We would have tucked beside.
Dream-catchers if we knew you had that much to hide.
A tap on the head, a kiss or a stroke of an arm,
All those business trips and holidays you took.
We made the distance shorter.
Now we crave the length.
You taught us about love,
But you’ve got nothing left 
You’ve been squeezed dry and you’re both in separate cities
Why take us along?
We’re linked to you,
But it’s a one way connection.
There’s only one way out,
Attack the opposite direction
So we’ll come for you
Your love it may be over but the love that you inspired isn’t through.
While you’re sleeping scheming evil thoughts we’re crawling through the drain,
We’ll start by binding up your bodies so you’ll share each other’s loving breaths again.

Where is that needle set?
We haven’t finished with you yet.

Skin on skin, eyes on eyes it’s an intimate affection you’re now packaged with.
We’ll leave you two alone if you feel that way.
Stitch together all the feelings that you thought it right to simply throw away.
And we’ll make it back to Market Street,
To catch a couple saying “two dolls, isn’t that sweet?”
Isn’t that sweet?


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