A second Earth

You can take your fucking second Earth,
Swap it for the one you’ve screwed around.
Stack your plastic, sewage-ridden turf,
And shove it in this hell-forsaken ground.
Dig up all the corpses of the things you feared destroyed,
Point a canon at this horrid place and fire all your shit into the void.
You think you’ve got it bad, try waking up 
in a world that hates you back.
Maria says it’s beautiful as she hides another panic attack.
They say you don’t get nightmares when you sleep for twenty years, well that’s a lie.
But it beats watching your dreams appear before you just to rot away and die.
Take this one it’s gone, how about this one it’s gone and this one it’s gone it’s gone it’s gone it’s gone…
All those years of preparation that we all just tossed away,
Fifty scientists for breathing masks we ditched the second day.
Try working through their blueprints, try picking out a song,
Try kicking back in rhythm but they’ve even got that wrong.
It’s like they left the lyrics for us but forgot the fucking chorus.
This isn’t habitation it’s humanity’s castration quest.
Thinking back to what you did to home I guess that’s for the best.
They put us here to explore,
But we just got bored.

We camped out in the forest before we started losing crew.
It’s not the best of signs when shelter tries to choke and smother you.
Our white suits are coated with a dust that doesn’t clean,
Now our bodies match the scenery it’s harder to be seen and we want to be seen.
Yeah we want to be seen.
On the television sets so the people don’t forget the hell they’ve put us through.
Where they watch and say looks pretty but I’m glad that they chose you.
And the leaves dig into your shoes and they never leave,
Twigs wrapped around poor Michael ‘til he smiled but couldn’t breathe. 
Sam tells me he’ll be right back and I know he’s left to cry,
His hands are changing colour and you’ve got to wonder why.


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