The very earth you're walking on

She stares there looking right at you,
You footstep forward get a closer view.
Her skin is paler than paper and she’s smiling wide.

The branches part to make a path for you,
You footstep backward get a further view,
Her eyes match the pink of the flowers and she’s smiling wide.
She’s still the same one you always knew, your brain tells your body that it isn’t true,
She still looks beautiful you could give in to the forest floor.
Listen right and hear a whirring of engines,
You’re out and you’ve found your ship.
The trees and she gesture to you that there’s a better trip.

Her face is welcoming and she’s smiling wide.
Your bones are shaking with love and you’re terrified.
She’s the very earth you’re walking on and she’s telling you to stay…


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