I’ve been listening to JJ72,
Thinking ‘bout the past and if it’s really true.
I suppose I don’t really write about that much.

But I’ve been listening to JJ72,
And there’s a field of new adventures that I’m running through,
I suppose I don’t really write about that much.

Arguments over photographs leave memories behind.
So stupid they should make you laugh but you think

I’m just the same but older

And I’m listening to JJ72,
Thinking about two parks and then I’m there with you,
I suppose it was part of growing up and worked.

The skies were clear but they were never blue,
And it feels just like a film but it was kinda true,
I suppose you can be young and miserable but happy.

Take trains some in opposite directions the world seemed bigger than you think now,
Head in the clouds don’t realise who you’re hurting till it’s done.

And now you’re listening to JJ72,
And the decades merge and mumble as they slide through you.
I don’t know if it’s good to think about it much.

If three years there are what they all say are the best,
Why did you stay in your room and just get depressed
You DID and learnt a LOT but

the surrounding years were better.

And now you’re listening to JJ72,
Thinking back to walks life growing inside you
Go back inside a timeloop burdened with apologies to bring,

But I’d just keep going back forever as I
Couldn’t bear to change a thing.

Keep it from the parents try to keep it from the class,
How you’re sheltered from the rain and kissing in an underpass.

And it hurries on and on and
everything keeps getting clearer.

Other people’s walls are only there to sit on look around
You didn’t feel it years before but it started there and then.

And now you’re listening to JJ72,
And all the songs, moments and people that helped get you through
Past trees struck out by lightning but still standing holding hands

The ghosts of it.­­­­­­­
The ghosts of it.
All of the ghosts of it.
All of the ghosts of it.
All of the living ghosts of it.


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