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First Recordings (September 2005 - May 2007)

Collection of early recordings

In 2007, I collected all of the songs I wrote for friends and myself during the previous two years and put them on a 30 track record. The first tracks on the collection are from my first release The Joanna Coote EP.

Fiona and Out (for Fiona Shipwright)

Herbeccasong (for Rebecca Litchfield)

ratufa affinis kalastus musiikki (pale giant squirrel fishing music) (for Sophie Scott)

Company of Stars (for James Montgomery Doohan)


Song for Emily (in stereo) (for Emily Benson)

Ode to Jonathan (for Jonathan Hicks)

Panda (inspired by Noah Lennox)

Jonathan vs Copyright (guitar by Jonathan Hicks)

Louise - Music from the motion picture (for Louise Cooke)

Reprise - all hail the rucksack thief (for Daniel Cooper)

Oops... I still haven't bought Steve Reich tickets

G's for Martin - for Martin Robinson

Hugh - Witch Witch Witch Witch

Mom bought some really great wholewheat bagels (for Shannon Whisler)

Happy Birthday Jenni (for Jenni Lark)

Sleepy Lindsay (featuring Lindsay Phillips)

Throwaway Ambient Song Number One

Not Enough Instruments (transmissions for Duncan 1) (for Duncan Geere)

Lindsay Ventures into the Underworld (for Lindsay Phillips)

Sea - Theme from Panda Garden

piano (subconsciously inspired by Hiroshi Sunairi & Hideyuki Mari)


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