An image of a spaceship going through a meteor shower with an escape pod

Generation Ship Disaster

39 collected, mostly electronic recordings made between September and December 2008.

In 2015 I finished a script for Generation Ship Disaster Revisited and enlisted the help of some wonderful people to read words to these tracks to tell a story true to this earlier collection’s title. This is the instrumental version.

Festive Peak

Vandals and car thieves

Handsfree 1

Acoustic Guitars (transmissions for Duncan 2)

MIDI rest

Pyramid Scheme

Not Christmas

KKPOK or handsfree 2

Trains Birds Wind and Headache

Supermarket Tentacle Mayhem

Tom Jones is a synthesiser

Help Me I Am A Looped Piano Demo

Organise 2


I'm not sure what to do with this

Chamber Rock featuring Duncan Geere

Central Park

Dead Margaret


Not Woolworths


Random colour palette via the Colourlovers API. This one's called Winter Sky and is by aeakett

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