An image of a spaceship going through a meteor shower with an escape pod

Generation Ship Disaster

39 collected, mostly electronic recordings made between September and December 2008.

In 2015 I finished a script for Generation Ship Disaster Revisited and enlisted the help of some wonderful people to read words to these tracks to tell a story true to this earlier collection’s title. This is the instrumental version.

Festive Peak

Vandals and car thieves

Handsfree 1

Acoustic Guitars (transmissions for Duncan 2)

MIDI rest

Pyramid Scheme

Not Christmas

KKPOK or handsfree 2

Trains Birds Wind and Headache

Supermarket Tentacle Mayhem

Tom Jones is a synthesiser

Help Me I Am A Looped Piano Demo

Organise 2


I'm not sure what to do with this

Chamber Rock featuring Duncan Geere

Central Park

Dead Margaret


Not Woolworths


Random colour palette via the Colourlovers API. This one's called N a t u r e and is by Halifax

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