St Pancras International Station from above - a beautiful building

Goodbye Trains

A poem about the end of a commute.

Goodbye “news”
Goodbye frowns.
Shuffles, sneezes, ups and downs.

Whirring, creeping, trembling, bleeping,
Goodbye life-snapshots and sleeping.
Goodbye carriage smell at night
Hazy vision, filtered light.

A screen a book, a downward stare
Quick run through make-up, dress and hair.
Goodbye everyone together.
​Different fabric stitched the same.

Goodbye announcers bored of saying:
“We’re sorry we’ve delayed this train.”
Goodbye couples never talking.
Though phone calls out are always loud.
Goodbye dreams of brief encounters.
Take those seats? Are we allowed?

Goodbye home in endless stations,
Places passed but never grasped.
Goodbye sliding doors escaping
Goodbye one-track rhyming trains.


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