Hope graffiti by lamplight

Hope demos

Three songs.

Ten years ago today or thereabouts I released my first ever EP. The Joanna Coote EP. I thought releasing something on the anniversary would make sense so here are three songs.

The recordings are very rough and probably deserve better but deadlines are deadlines.

A Thought of You has been floating around for over a year. First I wrote the lyrics, then I lost the lyrics when my laptop broke and I pieced together what I remembered, then I found I’d actually recorded a demo of it when I first wrote it, then I lost that demo along with lots of other audio recordings. I recorded this one in one take. So it’s finally out there. 

There was going to be a fourth song which I have been planning for a while but it has been put on hold due to time constraints. So the EP doesn’t end on a light, funny note. Sorry. Next time perhaps.

A Thought of You


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