Close-up photograph of David Turner sleeping with a cow soft toy

Time Travel Demos

Four songs and rough recordings made as part of an epic choose your own adventure birthday present for David Turner which was presented by his girlfriend Christy Harrington-Brown.

In May 2013, my friend Christy Harrington-Brown staged possibly the most epic birthday present possible for her boyfriend, my friend also, David Turner.  It was a two part, multi path choose your own adventure game complete with a video news report, an altered group-sung chorus of There’s A Hole in My Bucket Pocket, a newspaper front page (which I wrote and designed for her), crowdsourced videos of people teleporting and this EP by me for the time-travel path.

I was ill on the deadling so they’re very rough recordings (my Zoom H4N field recorder was running out of batteries for the prelude which created a pretty amazing take on lo-fi) but I’m proud of them/the words.

Prelude (a warning)

They Don't Have Guns in the Future

Who said anything about an ending?

Adventure Lives at Home


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