Coloured Squares.

Mar 31, 2015

Coloured Squares is an interactive art project I’ve been working on for many years. It can be used as a playground, game, social network or anything you want. Colours and images are pretty versatile things.

A bit of history of the project:

2010 - I registered the url because I needed one to put my old stuff on when tranferring servers. I liked coloured squares so it seemed a good choice. 

2011 - I originally made a website that you could click on to change the colour of squares in a field.

2012 - I made a new version that supported live updating via websockets, making it multiplayer. It didn’t have persistence a database but it was much closer to the finished product. 

2013 - I used the (at the time new) Meteor JavaScript framework to make a new version with image uploading, live updating and persistence. Here’s a photo of me demonstrating it at a Meteor meetup in London. I got a t-shirt!

2015 - As part of my project to finish an art project every month in 2015 I made a new version of coloured squares with user pages (login via colour-based password), liking and all sorts. That’s the currently live one.

2016 - A new version is coming. I’ve long dreamt of a hardware version (and a wearable version which someone seems to have already done something similar to) but this will be software with an API so hardware could come afterwards. see for what happened

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