Dancing in Flames & Penguins.

Oct 07, 2023

Got together with a group of musicians and wanted to write some lyrics. Life events led me to crematoriums and so I thought of the idea of accidentally taking home an arsonist poltergeist.

Penguins is about those thousands of penguin chicks that died due to climate change

Dancing in Flames

You tried to put the kettle on set fire to the place Now we’re dancing in the flames and it’s OK

Your hair looks so much better now it’s charred against your face Now we’re dancing in the flames and it’s OK

Dancing in flames

Wrapped up in a fire blanket screaming with love You’re older and I’m staying the same

Dancing in flames

Who cares if it smells of gas on date night? You’re hurting I was hurting too.

Everything’s symbolic in a crematorium You found me here’s the least that I could do.

Dancing in flames! A flicker and spark of love, and we’re Dancing in flames

You couldn’t read the letters on the name plate I sketched them out with charcoal just for you.

Took me home so I could show you just how hot it can get You’re lonely I was lonely too.


Swim to safety, Dad we can’t Wings all ready? No they aren’t.

The sun was shining, that felt nice, a little splash a little ice.

The water feels a little cold, I’m going to die before I’m old.

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