First Recordings (September 2005 - May 2007).

Sep 23, 2007

In 2007, I col­lec­ted all of the music I wrote for friends and my­self dur­ing the pre­vi­ous two years and put them out. I made a fair few copies and handed them out all over the place. No idea who got one. I forgot to keep one for myself.

First Recordings

by Filip Hnízdo Tracks: 23 Released: 2007

Fiona and Out (for Fiona Shipwright)

Herbeccasong (for Rebecca Litchfield)

Ratufa Affinis Kalastus Musiikki (Pale Giant Squirrel Fishing Music) (for Sophie Scott)

Company Of Stars (for James Montgomery Doohan)


Song for Emily (in stereo) (for Emily Benson)

Ode to Jonathan (for Jonathan Hicks)

Panda (inspired by Noah Lennox)

Jonathan vs Copyright (guitar by Jonathan Hicks)

Louise (music from the motion picture)

Reprise (All Hail the Rucksack Magnet) (for Daniel Cooper)


Oops....I still haven't bought Steve Reich tickets

Gs for Martin (for Martin Robinson)

Hugh (witch witch witch witch)

Mom bought some really great whole wheat bagels (for Shannon Whisler)

Happy Birthday Jonathan (for Jonathan Hicks)

Sleepy Lindsay (featuring Lindsay Phillips)

Throwaway Ambient Song Number One

Not Enough Instruments (Transmissions for Duncan I) (for Duncan Geere)


1,2,3... hello?
I’m looking out... There’s a school of fish to the right, sand to the left, bubbles... No sharks, I’ve got a sore throat, it’s 18:10.
I thought I’d get in touch properly some day but there aren’t enough instruments right now. Any chance of crew keeps ending in nothing and I’m here, alone, trying my best with not enough instruments. I hope you’re OK.
There’s a school of fish to the left, sand to the right, bubbles, I’m turning round.
Everything’s a bit murky out there but I can make out a few things. Still, I wonder what’s’ happening outside.
Here I am, trapped in a submarine, while my favourite season passes on above. I hope you’re OK. I guess it could be worse. I’ve got a sore throat but I’m alive and I’ve got to be here for some reason.
There may not be enough instruments, but I have a few and there’s got to be a point to that. Either way, I hope you’re all right.
The school of fish has gone now, I guess I ought to go over the controls a bit more. I’ll try to get in touch properly some time.
Thanks for bearing with me. Over and out.

Lindsay Ventures into the Underworld and Comes out in Prague (for Lindsay Phillips)

Sea (theme from Panda Garden)

Piano (subconsciously inspired by Hiroshi Sunairi & Hideyuki Mari)

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