Five short stories.

They were listening to Italian disco. Ghostly vocals, dreadful production. He kept staring at her knees. She kept staring at her knees. They were both staring at her knees. Caught between the music and the awkwardness she didn’t realise. They were good knees. He knew.

Stepping out of the car, James glanced up at a neighbour’s window. The curtains twitched in reverse as Laura staggered from view behind the reflection of her sofa. James walked towards his front door. Laura got up to walk back towards the window. She didn’t recognise the car.

The pond was filled with life, a mirror image of the garden. A dead hedgehog was splayed out on top of an abandoned ants’ nest. A foot lay by the patio boundary.

Ignoring the radio, tools and task, Paul looked blankly at the void. He was a confused cosmonaut drifting from his common sense and space wasn’t as dark as he’d hoped it would be.

Was it hungry or just curious? Discarded pieces of tissue paper formed recognisable shapes in front of the cage. Within formed unrecognisable shapes. Was it hungry or just curious?

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