The Jenni Lark EP.

Jan 30, 2010

Five recordings for Jenni Lark.

The Jenni Lark EP

by Filip Hnízdo Tracks: 5 Released: 2009

(I'll call this one a) Jennisong


I'm half asleep in the key of C.
Caught between a rhythm and a harmony,
Or just lost in a party is there no one I know,
Will I take it out on a Casio at home.

Or will I find a way of breaking through the ice I think the latter.
Here's the undisputed patron saint of first-time chatter.

I follow your car let's say it's 3 years post,
See you're never far from what you love doing the most.
Masquerading as a joke to see,
I find my car driving closer, dangerously.

Conversation is a powerful thing,
And it's easy to see everybody feel,
You're a pro so much it's not challenging,
Unless you're using one hand on a steering wheel.

There's a buzz on your lips in the afternoon sun,
Upward, forward on a hilltop sitting everyone,
Tries with ease to cancel out all the rest,
Leaving one instrumentalist, the certified best.

From castle trips to ticking clocks,
One official, next to one off the wall.
Building on a friendship that already rocks.
Much more to say but that's all I can fit in this song.

When you're involved


Thoughts caught up in trees the windows freeze trouble can’t get any
Swirling ever past a second’s glance a chatter then it shatters.
Your teeth hurt when you say hello,
An accidental kind of shyness,
Sunshine grips you from below as your back turns a surprise.
A high, a glow, a rabbit caught between the dirt and happy times,
Oh Jenni don’t just borrow smiles.
There’s a drifting sense of magic, books and pens piled high with static
from their over-use, you just let them loose and they look backwards
with pride, still miles from what you’ve got, still miles from what you’ve
got inside.
Swirling ever past a second’s glance a chatter then it shatters all unwelcomeness
A doorway or a kitchen, a topic or decision either way it’s glee for us
when you’re involved.

Jenni Lark at the movies

Refrigerator song


(answerphone message by Jenni)
There's a place on your fridge where I always stare,
Ignore your hair for a second and only listen.

It took an hour just to get to you,
A day more of ours left with you.

(....?) to puzzled moments on the telephone.

There's something about your place,
That makes me rock between your doorways.
Patches of colour and conversation,
Brimming with love and inspiration.

There's a place on your fridge where I always stare.

Five meaningful Czech willows (to come out and show them it's going to rain)

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