Le Chat Noir (MySpace Music Poem 2).

Part of a series where when I got a random band follow request on MySpace (happened a lot) I wrote a poem with their name

It gets colder here the further South we go This isn’t home And I don’t like it Broken cottages, A friend who’s turning blind.

Le Chat Noir, a place to hide From sorrows, footsteps, progress I pictured hell just for a second And it evolved within my mind.

A path to walk all through the morning, A clearing filled with sticks at night. The birds don’t sing for us this far. Discarded all hope that they might.

Eyes closed tightly just to stop us Reaching out or turning home It got warmer as I opened once And found myself alone.

Feeling playful, free and stupid Clear of what we came to find. Walking round in ditzy circles As my friends lay dead behind.

A sword Le Chat Noir, a home To pass on information. And join up with each other group In gleeful hibernation.

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