Mar 18, 2011

Maybe it’s for the best that I’m not in the air tonight You’ve got things dark for a reason basking in reflected light

Are you spotlighting our demons Or revealing all our fears I’m kinda glad you’ve done this only Once in the last 18 years

I scared myself when I saw your face Running up the stairs as if I were chased.

Will your rays make us regret Times spent tending to our flowers As they creep towards us hissing In our newly pitch black daylight hours

Oh magical glow. Silvery flame burning Winter away I’ll look upon this kindly If I ever make it to another day.

Howling in the distance Don’t adjust your telescope I’ve used up all my silver bullets Not to mention hope

In getting through.

You’re beautiful but I don’t know if I can spend the night with you.

Are there waves on the beach that haven’t been to any beach before. Are there strange things washing up that don’t belong on any earthly shore.

Are hospitals running wild with screams. Or is gravity shifting my mind closer to my dreams.

Oh super moon. You’ve come around too early. But I’m pretty sure you’re going to leave too soon.

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