And it was settled., the door was closed and their footsteps were echoing up the stairs in tandem.

Someone had the TV on (sports) and another was cooking something so different from the previous night’s meal that it made guessing what either was impossible. They themselves had eaten already though neither of them could cook very well at all.

Amelia unlocked the door, apologised for the mess her three rabbits had left for them and turned on the heater. The room smelt of matches and stir-fry.

“I lied about the kissing” she said flustering and turning, seconds after shutting the door.

“Fancy watching a film?” he asked before he could think any more about the situation.

“Sure. Can I feed the rabbits first?” she replied.

“Got a TV programme?”

“On the chair in the bedroom”

“Thanks” he said, taking off his hat and gloves.

“Thanks” she replied, pausing briefly for a smile while he looked away.

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