The Dress.

Oct 31, 2016

A concept EP about a killer dress.

Thanks to the good friend who told me the story that made this very fic­ti­tious story hap­pen (also apo­lo­gies to Eur­ip­ides, Mendels­sohn, Wag­ner…). Typ­ical low-fi home re­cord­ing. Cover art via vec­tors by: San­ti­ago Arias, Cre­at­ive Stall, Manos Hatzida­kis, Freepic.

Writ­ten and re­cor­ded dur­ing the last three days of Oc­to­ber at Stu­dio Josephine, Ab­bey Road, St John’s Wood.

The Dress

by Filip Hnízdo Tracks: 4 Released: 2016

20 Missed Calls


I get home feeling tired,
dump my bag forget to plug my phone in,
run a bath spent too long chained up to a desk in hell.

And the water from the tap it sounds like hope cutting through traffic,
drowning-out the workload like a newly opened wishing well.

I don’t mind if I boil nothing can possibly spoil this.

Minerals bubbling in oil I’m going to enjoy this.

And I want to jump right through the steam,
Submerge myself inside a dream of you
and they won’t get through though they’ll scratch and beg
I’m high as a kite as I dangle my leg
then I remember the phone…

And all the pleasure’s postponed.

I plug it in

As it’s twenty missed calls x 19

Twenty missed calls and they’re all from you.
Are you being attacked I should call you back I don’t want to.

I love you too much.
Now I know that’s true.
I think of you gone and my neck’s unscrewed

my skin is crawling to its knees
I’ve realised I love you will you stay still please
where it’s never unfurled I want you frozen in place
out of touch with the world

but it’s twenty missed calls and a knock on the door
I don’t want my best friend gone
now my best friend’s more than that.

I’m just two towels and a tease of dripping leg
my heart’s accelerating
and I open the door and see you smile,
lit like the sun and waiting
And my body’s stopped.

I hear what you say and the towels uncoil and drop.

You’re getting married.

The Box


No day out for fitting
You only asked for my size,
I’m maid of honour but I don’t know the colour.
When the box arrives

I hope it’s a disguise
and you spring out with your arms held up
In a fooled-you-love surprise.

You’ll smile and say we’ll be together,
But I hold the box and it’s light as feather,
And it weighs me down as I cry.
And it weighs me down as I cry.

I tell the postman that it’s just hay fever
As he waves goodbye.
As he waves goodbye.

Place it upon the bed,
Wish you lay down there instead.
Lift the lid of the box and the fabric unlocks,
All the horrors in my head.

The colours match my bedsheets,
Tainted, painted bloody red.

I imagine your body, dancing within it,
Taunting me haunting me skin held out
and I want to crawl in.

So I reach out and I touch it
And it burns like flames.
It’s poison-laced but I’m maid of honour
so I can’t complain.

This isn’t just an allergy this dress will be the death of me
And the knives you bundled in resemble shoes,
I try them on and I’m a bruise.

I look up at the save the date,
And pray to God that I’ve put on weight,
But it fits me like a dream,
I slip it on and scream.

Last Dance


If this is our last dance I want to pick the song.
I know this is our last night I don’t want to get it wrong.

How you sweep across the dancefloor as you stab me in the chest.
If this is our last song I’m going to pick the best.

Twirling, swirling having fun,
I won’t let you go, this isn’t done.
Sweating as I grab hold of your hand.

You look away I know you understand it
Know this isn’t how I planned it
Don’t you slip away so far,
Don’t let this be the final bar.

If this is our last routine I want to do it right.
Trace the footsteps leading here, relive it every single night.

The hour’s come for buses home we’re running out of time.
If this is your last song I’m going to make it mine.

Heartbeats clocking to the beat,
I close my eyes and it’s complete
I open them and pray you’ll reappear.

Memories don’t flee in fear,
Keep your eyes pointing over here,
I’ll fix this please don’t walk away from me.
Let’s dance like it was meant to be.

If this is our last dance I want to pick the song.
I know this is our last night I don’t want to get it wrong.

How you sweep across the dancefloor as you stab me in the chest.
If this is our last song I’m going to pick the best.



I’ve made it this far
I can hardly walk.
They’re saying their vows
but I don’t want to hear them talk.
Do you promise this love
until your death.
I feel like screaming “yes”
but the dress chokes my breath.

You’re evil but I’m too lost in love,
The skies turned warped and black above.

I would describe the church but my vision’s mud.
I’m holding flowers in a pool of blood.

The organ swells and the priest’s enhancements make me want to hurl
This sacrifice is a horrid price but I’ll do it for my girl.

We walked right through the cemetery,
And I felt the graves waiting for me.

I’m sweating under candle heat,
With the best man’s corpse below my feet.

And the wedding bells are ringing in my ear.

While I staggered on to walk her down the crystal aisle,
She was wearing a veil but I think I saw her smile

I pray that this is over soon,
I’ll be in heaven for their honeymoon.
I still love her though she’s led me to this day.
And now the altar seems so very far away.

The fabric’s fusing with my veins,
arteries and passion.
At least the ribbons look quite pretty and I
Hear blood red’s in fashion.

Our eyes meet as you turn around and my heart begins to float,
I whisper that I love you and my tongue falls from my throat.

Sprinkled with confetti as I look up at the sky,
Your wedding day was perfect let me die.

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