Three Imaginary Girls EP.

Jan 30, 2009

My first col­lec­tion of “songs”.

Cover art by Jonathan Hicks. Ad­di­tional art­work on re­lease by Chris­topher Pen­cakowski and Lind­say Phil­lips.

Three Imaginary Girls

by Filip Hnízdo Tracks: 3 Released: 2008



Georgia got off the train at six,
She thought she'd never be there again,
but now her fix means everything has to change,
Her brain's not right, and her body's in danger.

Or worse the whole world could be lost and thrown out,
Her own muddle was fine not now it's grown out of her mind.
Oh Georgia.

Georgia went to the zoo and she saw 14 penguins there,
They all turned round and looked straight at her troubled face.
They opened up their beaks, like they were going to speak,
And they spoke in a tone that made poor Georgia feel,
Feel like going home.

And they said:
And she sort of agreed.



There’s a powder room in the basement
And a strange sound
When you opened up the window all you saw was
Dust and gravel
Hey Samantha.
Hey Samantha.
It’s hard to walk through a park without grass
Or flowers or trees or the gentle buzz of bees
Samantha you’re fiction and you’re boring and you’re just like him.
A soft tap buzz, he lied to me at nine Samantha.
A deep dark stare, he thought I’d never track him down.
Samantha you’ve got eyebrows and some teeth
But nothing in between your eardrums.
Hey Samantha what you know is clear.
When the glasses feel warm and the alcohol begins to set
I try to think of nothing you’re the only place I seem to get.
And Hey Samantha, your hair is kinda rubbish
And your teeth they look like an after dinner panic
Everything is broken
And this song is finished.
This song was written in two chords
An A and an E
An A and an E.



Harriet, what have you done now?
Your footsteps haven't got a chance,
Of every getting home and they're the victims of your own mess.

You've a sparkle in your eyes,
We'll take it home with us tonight.
Harriet don't.

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