The time between

Watch the ducks, have some lunch, play in the park,
Then computer games.

Parents send you off to bed,
Sarah’s asleep since the car door shut beside.

You’d been driving so far,
She didn’t notice.
The lampposts all rushing by.
Colours shifting the sky.

And you’re finally home.

You look to the ceiling
in your blue fluffy sheets
And grab on as the day
Whirls by in your head.

And then you close your eyes.
And nothing happens.
Then you close your eyes,
And it doesn’t go away.

Sarah’s still fast asleep you’re strapped to an amusement park
And it’s not dark anymore
Lit up and unblinking
No time anymore the sun is shining through the room.

It’s the morning and you’re tired
But more holidays await
You shrug it off and think of play
With friends in the park.

Breakfast is tiring.
Sarah says she dreamt of a garden
Where everything’s flowering.

And it’s always magical,
But you’ve still never been.

You never ask kids,
If they got any sleep.
You never ask children
If they got any sleep.

Because it’s always true.

And now you’re coming up to 17.
When you close your eyes it’s always whack-a-mole with thoughts.

Didn’t you have a good day?
Aren’t your adventures great?
Don’t you love your friends and your fortune and the place you grew up in,
You do.
But not the time between.

Now you’re twenty five and after work.
You try to make it through drinks and chat to that oh
But your eyelids sink, it’s time for home.
But there you stare at your phone as you still can’t sleep.

Perhaps take a fourth sleeping pill, are you under the limit still?
This one will surely do it you’re finally closing your eyes.

But nothing happens.
The daylight is breaking, your shoulders are aching.
It’ll soon be start up time

Perhaps another pill. There must be a dozen in that bottle you can hardly lift.

You can only count three.

And you’re finally...


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