I only want rest today

I’ve been sleeping so long, I don’t even know how,
The whistling usually bothers me but I’ve got through the night.
And this space feels right.
The leaves are soft and the sun is bright.

Swipe the pink dust from out of my eye lids look about.
See who’s out making breakfast, discuss our day,
Find out what the readings say.
I watch the rays piercing the canopy
When I should be getting up.
There’s a voice on the forest floor.
Maybe wait three minutes more, it’s not like I haven’t done the early shift before.
But there’s that voice on the forest floor 
Telling me to get up.

It’s the voice of silence, no crackling beans in a pan,
No Maria, no Michael no Sam,
The camp’s all been torn to shreds.
Pink petals all splashed with red.
I look about but I want to rest.
Sleep a minute more, then maybe adventure, have a look at some pictures of home again
It takes a minute for the news to get through my brain.

The camp’s all been torn apart. 
But I can’t feel a change of heart, 
It’s still beating the same and I only want rest today. 

I see a look of horror as Maria’s dragged away…


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