Above the doorway where there used to be a pizza place, in neat writing that was slightly too small for the area it had been put in, a sign reads “Chloe’s”. Under that on another line that should probably have been bigger lettering reads “Houseplant rescue” followed by a telephone number.
There aren’t many places like it so Chloe gets a steady stream of visitors. In come diseased, pet-devoured, unloved, un-watered, over-watered, move-snapped and actually just doing their natural thing houseplants and out come, in most cases transformed flora and happy customers.
Chloe has bright green eyes and probably the palest skin of any human you’ve ever seen. Even more UV lighting than a cannabis factory makes no difference to her complexion. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her put on sunscreen. Anyone who worked for her seems to gradually turn paler as well. She pays well but doesn’t need that many staff so it’s usually just her and a few people watering on weekends anyway.
Outside of work Chloe’s chatty and not even that plant crazy. She gets asked for advice when people find out what she does and answers but other than that keeps up every day interests and friends. When we went round her place for drinks once I swear I saw her dripping plant fertilizer into her wine glass.
One day a partner bought her some flowers when we were at a bar and she just stared at them all evening, occasionally touching the stems. I don’t think we ever saw the partner after that. She’s had others since. I probably wouldn’t bring flowers if you’re considering it.
The plants in the surgery are beautiful. I don’t know if they all belong to customers and are waiting to be given back or if she keeps some out for show but they’re never for sale. Some are huge. She could probably make double what she does if she sold a few.
I wondered if she played them music as I’ve heard that works but she only seems to whistle when she walks around them. She’s pretty good. Not melodies I can recognise or recall but she’s probably the best whistler I’ve ever heard.


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