I’ve made it this far
I can hardly walk.
They’re saying their vows
but I don’t want to hear them talk.
Do you promise this love
until your death.
I feel like screaming “yes”
but the dress chokes my breath.

You’re evil but I’m too lost in love,
The skies turned warped and black above.

I would describe the church but my vision’s mud.
I’m holding flowers in a pool of blood.

The organ swells and the priest’s enhancements make me want to hurl
This sacrifice is a horrid price but I’ll do it for my girl.

We walked right through the cemetery,
And I felt the graves waiting for me.

I’m sweating under candle heat,
With the best man’s corpse below my feet.

And the wedding bells are ringing in my ear.

While I staggered on to walk her down the crystal aisle,
She was wearing a veil but I think I saw her smile

I pray that this is over soon,
I’ll be in heaven for their honeymoon.
I still love her though she’s led me to this day.
And now the altar seems so very far away.

The fabric’s fusing with my veins,
arteries and passion.
At least the ribbons look quite pretty and I
Hear blood red’s in fashion.

Our eyes meet as you turn around and my heart begins to float,
I whisper that I love you and my tongue falls from my throat.

Sprinkled with confetti as I look up at the sky,
Your wedding day was perfect let me die.


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