A screenshot of Cat Map - world filled with multicoloured cat icons

Cat Map!

I made an interactive map of house-cats. Things got a bit crazy.

I made an interactive map of house-cats to mark the launch of Tiger Territory at ZSL London Zoo using hacked together parts of Drupal and Openlayers. It became the most popular thing I have ever built, resulting in international press coverage, thousands of cats from all over the planet, controversy over how Taiwan was named and MUCH SERVER TRAUMA.  

Although the project was forced offline by outgrowing the servers it was put on and becoming a monster, it was an amazing experience and taught me a lot about the randomness of so called viral content (I prefer “pollination” to viral), the importance of scalability and testing and maps.

I’ve got plans to rebuild it in Leaflet and D3 sometime in 2014. Hopefully I’ll have a chance and give cat lovers their map back.


Random colour palette via the Colourlovers API. This one's called O mio babbino caro and is by ricster

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