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Love on the Mixing Desk

Words to a sound check song. Originally performed at the 2013 Here Comes the Sun Festival in Reading.

I had a love on the mixing desk,
But it panned out wrong.
We got lost to the room.
Before the second song.

I monitored our progress,
And our heart-beat’s lost for good.
I tried to say I’m sorry,
But nobody understood,

Because they couldn’t hear.
Our message wasn’t clear in the room anymore.

It pops and clicks together
When I turn to you and shout.
Can you hear it loud and clear?
When I check-check-check you out.

I tried re-channelling our hearts,
Until we’re side by side again.
I grabbed the parts you liked,
And I turned them up to ten.

We were almost equal,
Until we started to peak
we’ll never master what we’ve done. 

I thought we were a good mix.
But our light’s been turning red.
I tried to pull a quick fix,
But I cut the signal dead.

I get a nervous twitch,
While you initiate a sob.
All your emotions switch,
While I’m acting like a knob.

I’m having treble getting down,
Then I see it start to fade,
I’m still hanging round this town.
After the band’s already played.

It was love on the mixing desk.
But it panned out wrong.
We got lost to the room.
Before the second song.


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