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Moths is an EP by Filip Hnízdo released on Halloween 2013. Words about ghosts, werewolves, monsters and a pleasure machine.

All songs written by Filip Hnízdo and recorded during the last days of October 2013 in Studio Josephine, Abbey Road, St John’s Wood, London except Lover Lover Be My Cover which was written by the amazing Dory Previn and recorded by Filip Hnízdo in St Albans, Hertfordshire on the day of her death, February 14th 2012.
Names for Not Just a Haunted House were provided by Christy Harrington-Brown, Lauren Baily and Anna Hunter.
The Pleasure Machine is for Christopher Pencakowski.
All songs were originally performed at the Rising Sun Arts Centre’s Here Comes the Sun festival on Saturday, August 10, 2013.

Not just a haunted house

Lover Lover Be My Cover (by Dory Previn)



The Thing in the Bath

The Pleasure Machine (for Chris Pencakowski)


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