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Vicki Saves the Children

An EP written and recorded for Vicki Hearn (who went to work for Save the Children) in 2010.

Vicki Saves The Children is an EP by Filip Hnízdo. It contains five tracks named VIcki Will Save the Children, Vicki Has Saved the Children, Vicki is Saving the Children, There’s You Vicki! and Singing in Oxhey Partk Getting Eaten by Mosquitoes (Not What You’ll Be Doing).

It is Blue Jumpers Recordings release number twelve.

It contains samples of Taking Care of Wild Baby Bird by DeathscytheHell1 on YouTube, School Yard Playground Ambience Sound Effect by crankdatbuttcrack on YouTube and blackbird wood pigeon by ERH on Freesound.

It was written and mixed in Studio Josephine (and Oxhey Park) by Filip between June 19 and June 23 2010.

It is dedicated to Victoria Hearn.

Vicki has saved the children

Vicki will save the children

Vicki is saving the children

There's You Vicki

Sitting in Oxhey Park getting eaten by mosquitoes (not what you'll be doing)


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